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Be a Roofbreaker FAQs

What is a Roofbreaker?
The name comes from the Bible account where some men break through the roof to help their disabled friend meet Jesus (Luke 5).  Roofbreakers share a common heart to enrich the church through being a ‘bridge’ – enabling disabled people to belong and contribute to church, and help church fully involve disabled people.

What does a Roofbreaker do?
Build friendships between disabled people and church members.
Connect disabled people with Christian-led activities.
Serve the church to enable disabled people to participate more fully.

Can you give some practical examples?
Build: Have a cuppa and chat with a disabled member in your congregation.
Connect: Pass on the details of a local Christian support group to a family.
Serve: Talk enthusiastically with others about the vision of a church where everyone belongs and everyone contributes (provided in Starter Kit).  Talk constructively with church members about how activities could more fully involve disabled people.
We suggest you invite 1 or 2 others to join you and work ‘alongside’ both disabled people and your church leaders.

What help can I get? Through the Roof will provide you with…
A ‘Starter Toolkit’ when you sign-up.
E-mail encouragement, ideas, inspiration and news from other Roofbreakers every month.
A support network of local Roofbreakers in other churches, via an Area Networker.

What’s in the Starter Kit?
Role description and benefits of being a Roofbreaker.
A vision for what inclusive church looks like to inspire you and share with others.
Small steps which make a big difference.
How Through the Roof can help you.
How to connect with your church leadership and membership…and more…

What is an Area Network?
Every few months we gather Roofbreakers together locally in an Area Network.  It is a safe space for people with a common heart to share experience and progress, learn new ideas, update, encourage and pray for each other.  We’ll put you in touch with your nearest one.

Do I need permission to be a Roofbreaker from my church?
It is possible to sign-up to be a Roofbreaker as an individual, or with 2 or 3 others, and make a difference.  However, the aim is to enrich the whole church and this will come under the authority of the church leaders.  Therefore, at some point, the role needs recognition by the church.  (You may want to do this after you have taken a few small steps on the journey – and we can support you in this).

What if others don’t see disability as a priority?
Ultimately, this isn’t about disabled people, it is about living out the Gospel amongst the full breadth of humanity in all its uniqueness and diversity and celebrating that we are all God’s people made in His image.

Who can become a Roofbreaker?
We would love to see disabled people in this role, and those with a heart to see the full involvement of disabled people and their families in church life. The role can be flexible to your strengths and interests and we will support you.

What skills do I need?
The role can differ according to your skills, interests and experience e.g. you may have a heart to meet pastoral needs; or want to see a change in culture, or reach out on mission to disabled people in the community, or raise funds…or all of the above!

What is the time commitment?
As much as you can offer e.g. 30 mins over a cuppa with a disabled person and 30 mins talking with a church member about practical changes that could be made.

What is the cost?
There is no cost to individuals.  We only ask that you encourage your church to take a collection for, or make an annual contribution to, Through the Roof to support this work.

Why is this role important?
Draws in those in real need of Christian community.
Helps address practical and profound issues e.g. the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing; of accessibility and financial cost; of healing and suffering; of identity and the value placed on disabled people’s lives.
Ensures disabled people belong and can contribute in God’s kingdom.
Lives out the Biblical Mission of Luke 14.
Connects many silent strugglers who are often missing from church.

What is the plan?
With God’s help we want to encourage, support and resource 1000 Christians to become Roofbreakers in their own churches to make a real difference across the UK.

What about the name?
We know you probably won’t refer to yourself as a Roofbreaker, it is just a ‘badge’ to identify those on the journey of this initiative, so please choose whatever suits your church e.g. Disability Contact, Additional Needs Co-ordinator…

What is my next step?
Contact us:, 01372 749955, to sign-up